BTS - Porsche Jump

September 16, 2022

Verena: Hey Nikolay, have you ever jumped in time before?

Nikolay: I haven't so far, but Porsche did when they were filming Porsche Jump!

Verena: Who had the idea to recreate the Jump?

Nikolay: I don't know exactly. I believe that Stefan Bogner had the idea. He told me that he has been trying to convince Porsche to reimagine the Jump for years.

Verena: After it was decided to bring the Jump back to life, who was hired to manage the project?

Nikolay: Porsche assigned the project to an agency called WWP Group. WWP Group then hired KG Media Factory. Since Keller Creatives works on many projects with KG Media Factory, especially as specialists for FPV drone filming, they invited Keller Creatives to join the project.

Verena: Sounds like it was a large production.

Nikolay: There were at least 35 people involved. I received a very long Excel list as part of the project briefing. I was already asking myself, "When does this list ever end?" (laughs)

Verena: How did you prepare for the shooting?

Nikolay: To be honest, we were asked to join the production team quite spontaneously. Initially, FPV drone perspectives were not supposed to be part of the video. KG Media Factory then suggested including them to make the video even more dynamic. About two weeks before the shoot, I was told whether Keller Creatives was part of the project or not. Next, all we had to do was pack our bags and go.

Verena: How did you feel about Keller Creatives being part of the Porsche Jump video?

Nikolay: Fantastic! It's great to see that big brands like Porsche start to recognise the huge potential of FPV drone filming.

Verena: From your experience, do companies know what FPV stands for?

Nikolay: Well, most companies know what drone footage is and what a drone looks like, but very few know what the term FPV drone means. FPV stands for First Person View. In the beginning, I didn't know that either (laughs). First Person View means that the pilot navigates from the drone's point of view. As a result, you get to film spectacular perspectives that would not be possible with standard drones.

Verena: Ideal, so to say, for dynamically presenting the Porsche Jump. Now I'm wondering, how did you take the FPV drone shots?

Nikolay: Filming in the mountains comes with some challenges. It's hard to fly alongside mountain walls, especially with solid rocks. Anything out of sight will result in not getting any video signal from the drone. Therefore, the smartest position as a drone pilot is always at the top of the mountain. There you have a very good overview of the landscape, and the signal is excellent. Thus, Tim and I were mainly situated on top of the mountain in permanent communication with Martin Dale, the producer. We kept ourselves ready with our FPV drones at the filming point until we got the Go from Martin.

Verena: What was the role distribution like for you and Tim?

Nikolay: There was no strict distribution of roles during the shoot. We switched roles to stay focused throughout the day. It ended up being two and a half intense days of shooting, starting very early and ending very late.

Verena: What equipment did you bring with you?

Nikolay: For the Porsche Jump we used our QSL Thicc and the Black Magic. For more budget, it would have been nice to upgrade to the Siccario with the RED Komodo.

Verena: Tell me, what did your typical day at the Porsche Jump shoot look like?

Nikolay: First, you should know that for Tim it is very unusual to get up this early. So I always woke him in the morning. We did our daily Covid test and then we attended the daily meeting with the rest of the crew. After breakfast, at 7:30 a.m., the whole crew would meet at the top of the toll station. That meant leaving our hotel at 7:00 a.m. and driving up quickly to get to the meeting point on time. We then started shooting at 8:30 or 9:00.

Verena: What was your personal highlight of the shoot?

Nikolay: To be honest, the evenings in the restaurant when the whole crew was gathered around one big table. Whether it was with Axel Lund Svindal, Egon Zimmermann's brother, or with Stefan Bogner - the conversations were wonderful. In addition, we had a delicious 5-course menu. In my opinion, it was a perfect ending to a successful day of shooting.

Verena: Sounds like you would do it again?

Nikolay: Of course!

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