II - FPV for Content Creators

August 1, 2022

In Part I of this blog, we discussed FPV simulators and equipment. In addition, we provided a complete item list for a first drone setup. In this blog we will go a step further and introduce FPV for content creation. We’ll talk about FPV on social media, different drones and action cameras.

FPV Drones for Social Media

When looking for extraordinary FPV drone videos, YouTube is the place to go. It is where the real magic happens and pioneers, such as Sam Kolder, inspire a whole generation of creators. YouTube videos are mostly 16:9 or 2.35:1 format and can easily be reframed for reuse on other platforms.

Instagram offers a content format which is perfect for FPV drone videos – Reels. Reels are phone-size full-screen vertical clips with a duration up to 30 seconds. Combined with hyped music FPV drone Reels are trending regularly. Furthermore, Instagram currently promotes Reels by increasing their reach.

When creating FPV drone Reels, you can actually upload them on TikTok as well, without making any changes. For maximizing your total reach, working cross-platform might be a good idea. There’s also an option to automatically post Instagram Stories to your Facebook Story. Convenient, isn’t it?

Cinewhoops, Cinequads & Cinelifters

Cinewhoops are great for slow and cinematic shots in tight environments. You can fly inside buildings or even in the forest. Due to their prop guards, they cause comparably low damage. They aren’t made for action flights because of their electronic parts and composition.

Cinequads (5” quads) are widely used for creating social media content, because of their easy handling. Cinequads are a great choice for outdoor sports, nature and action filming. Don’t use them indoors or when flying close to humans. Their open propellers can cause serious damage.

Cinelifters are powerful drones and mainly used for commercial projects where they are equipped with cinema cameras. Cinema cameras deliver high resolution visuals but in turn are quite big and heavy compared to action cameras like a GoPro.

Action Cameras & FPV Drones

In our Advertising Agency we work a lot with the latest GoPro for action shots and training. Why GoPro? We tested other action cameras but were not satisfied with the results. Color science and image quality have proven to be best when using GoPro.

Although we do many commercial projects, where our cinema camera is the best fit, our most used camera is still the GoPro Hero 9. Some shots can only be done with a GoPro and it’s definitely cheaper to crash than a RED Komodo.

We use Reelsteady instead of HyperSmooth for GoPro post image stabilization, because it keeps the unique look of the visuals. At the moment Reelsteady is probably the most advanced tool on the market using gyro data. It only works with GoPro.

Keller Creatives GoPro Settings

After spending so much time talking about GoPro, let’s answer an important question – which GoPro settings do we use?

Framing - 4:3
FPS - 50
Shutter – Min. 1/100, better 1/200
ISO - 100
Sharpness - Low
Color – Flat (With Post Color Grading)
ND Filter

Note: Shutter at least 2x for motion blur, better 4x the frame rate. Example: 25fps = 1/50 better 1/100min

Pro Hack for Creators

Before we finish this article, we’re going to tell you that one pro hack, which is going to make your life much easier. Instead of filming in a 16:9 format and then reframing your video to a 9:16 format for Reels or TikToks, we recommend using a special adapter, which allows you to skip this step.

Make sure you lock the orientation of your GoPro horizontally. Otherwise, the post image stabilization tool Reelsteady won’t accept your FPV drone footage. It will claim that it’s interlaced.

Next Up

Part III of this blog looks at FPV drones in a more professional context. Together we’ll explore different possibilities for FPV drones within commercial and cinema application.

So long,

Nikolay Keller

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