IV - FPV goes Automotive

October 7, 2022

FPV goes Automotive

The automotive industry embodies a level of innovation that inspires. It’s therefore no surprise, that they were among the first to recognize the huge potential of FPV drones in advertising. As a tribute to the IAA 2021, we will of course take the chance to celebrate this year's highlights of automotive advertising.

FPV and Automotive – a Perfect Match

Innovation. Dedication. Passion. That’s the spirit that unites all companies within the automotive industry. Every car produced is a unique masterpiece created individually for its owner, very much like our client projects at Keller Creatives.

Have you ever seen a FPV drone’s perspective of a car driving through a scenic landscape? Honestly, I think so. The automotive industry was among the first to include FPV clips in their commercial advertising. It turned out to be a great success.

The creative work released by the automotive industry encourages us to realize even our boldest video concepts. There’s not a single day that goes by without one of our employees discovering a new inspiring automotive clip using FPV drones.

Magical Moments of FPV Drone Advertising

Although the automotive industry has been using single FPV drone clips for longer, only few videos were produced using only FPV drones. That’s what makes the following project so special. Check out our favorite automotive advertising clip of 2021.

JohnnyFPV truly set a milestone in FPV filmmaking when he proposed a full-FPV automotive advertising concept to the iconic car producer Porsche. While the idea of FPV-only itself is already special the results are even better.

If you watched the full clip, you probably saw the beautiful transitions JohnnyFPV used when introducing the different seasons in the video. Aside from his editing we also really enjoyed watching how he developed a storyline that perfectly fits the character of Porsche.

Porsche demonstrates with this FPV advertisement that their car is a perfect companion for high temperatures in summer as well as low temperatures in winter. When the video was released, it went viral and positively contributed to Porsche’s brand image.

Our 2021 Automotive Projects

In 2021 Keller Creatives contributed FPV drone shots to a video production for Autohaus München Trudering. Compared to the Porsche video this one is rather classic. It’s one of the great strengths of FPV drones to capture unique perspectives inside and outside of buildings.

FPV for Everyone

The automotive industry is taking a leading position by using FPV drone clips for advertising. Overall, it was a clever decision. Using FPV drones for their videos allowed them to create interesting new visuals, which in turn had a positive effect on the video performance.

FPV drone clips are still receiving a good amount of public attention. They can be a real competitive advantage, especially if your competitors are still relying on old school advertising methods.

We’re convinced that FPV is a great opportunity for every business. Give it a try and convince yourself of the great reactions to your new video. Do you have any questions regarding FPV advertising? Let us know if we can help you with your next project.

So long,

Nikolay Keller

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